Puffin.io is inspired by making an A/B testing tool fast, simple, affordable.

Uninspired by millions of options. Heavy, bloated, convoluted software that requires hours of training and an outrageous budget. No. We took the opposite direction.


Goal on this redesign

Our focus is to make user interesting to use puffin.io, provide them information how fast, simple and affordable for user to A/B testing website using puffin.io.


Why need to redesign

They are not satisfied enough with the old website, so they are asked me to enhance the homepage design. this is their old website, it’s not really deliver their message as visual wise

The old design, especially color scheme is too monochrome also CTA is not really eye catch for user to click it. So, Brion (CEO Puffin.io) and me decide to enhance new color way for a better visual communication and user get a right message from puffin.


New color scheme

The new color scheme for puffin.io, pick color from original puffin character that is orange and purple for the contrast.


Design execution

After all decision is fixed, we move forward to design execution and doing collaboration on Figma. here is the result:

See it live www.puffin.io